New Construction – Tenant Improvement – Critical Facilities- Emergency

Genelco offers electrical services from the design/build phase through projectcompletion including, engineering services, electrical permitting, equipmentinstallation, and start-up. Genelco employs highly trained personnel skilled inall facets of commercial electrical installation with decades of combinedexperience to handle many different situations. Our many years of work incritical data center environments has earned Genelco the reputation of beinga forward-thinking company with the ability to offer solutions to uncommonsituations in order to protect our customers critical loads while upgrades ormaintenance/repairs are performed.

New construction and Tennant Improvements:

commercial upfits, ground up additions & expansions, utility SES replacements, and retail store remodels

Critical Installations:

UPS systems, PDU’s, RDC’s, Battery systems, Power filters – data center expansions, new installations, existing upgrade/replacements, BMS integrations, and commissioning/testing services

Emergency Services:

Genelco electric has been providing emergency troubleshooting and repairs services for Arizona for over 20 years and is staffed with highly skilled and qualified electricians that can respond 24hrs a day, in most cases we’re onsite to address the issue within 2 hours or less. Our service vehicles are stocked with materials for many common issues and we can access supply stores anytime night or day as needed